Trinh Cong Son Scholarship

Trinh Cong Son lived his life to the fullest; journeying to find the answers to his questions about life, love and destiny. One of Son’s outstanding philosophies could be summarized in following words, “moving on, being patient and moving forward without stopping though it might take twenty-three years, thirty years or more or forever.” (”Phải đi tới mãi và chờ đợi. Nhẫn nại và tiến lên không ngừng. Hai mươi ba năm. Ba mươi năm. Hơn thế nữa và hơn mãi thế nữa.” – Trinh Cong Son – Vendredi – 1973). He mentioned in one of his interviews that we should treat one another with kindness.  Trinh Cong Son also wrote “Altruism is the voice of generosity … We all want vast paddy fields and endless horizons …” (“Bao la là tiếng nói của độ lượng… Ai cũng thích những cánh đồng mênh mông, những chân trời rộng mở.” – Trinh Cong Son – 9/1973)

Fifteen years have so quickly gone by since this music icon of Vietnam passed away; nevertheless, his legacy has never been forgotten. The Trinh Cong Son Scholarship will be a historical treasure box, where we keep and maximize the legacy of Trinh Cong Son. The purpose of this scholarship is to find and nurture individuals, who, like Trinh Cong Son, will become ‘glocal’ citizens in the form of future leaders in their respective fields to change the face of this society and to transform the next generation.

We need your HEART, your SOUL and your very SELF. Be part of the development of the young generation! Be part of Trinh Cong Son’s legacy!