Trinh Cong Son Scholarship

Every scholarship program will be specifically designed for each recipient to fit their individual talent and development.

Additionally, depending on the circumstances of each student, a relocation package will also be considered.


  • Music Curriculum
  • Performing Arts Curriculum
  • English Program
  • Academic Program (Kindergarten-Year 12/University)
  • Personality and Core-value building, developing recipients to become model citizens for Vietnam


  • Upper limit of 15 years


  • Minimum: three (03) years
  • After the initial one (1) year, the Board of Advisors will evaluate and decide whether the scholarship holder will continue to receive an extension of the program.
  • After the completion of the scholarship program in Vietnam, further overseas study may also be considered if the scholarship holder meets the criteria set by the Board of Advisors.



Begin accepting applications: After December 17th, 2016*

Closing date of applications: May 31st,  2017*


  1. Academic resume & transcripts for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years (the most recent ones)
  2. Copies of certificates accomplished in music and the performing arts or certificate(s) certifying that candidates have taken part in music performances or competitions (regardless of the scale) (if applicable)
  3. Two (2) to three (3) letters of recommendation
  4. A video with individual music performance: performance can be vocal or instrumental (can be videoed with a cell phone)
  5. A video responding to the following questions:

Why do you want to pursue your dream in music and the arts?

    • Shortlist of applicants will be invited to the 2nd Round Auditions, taking place in late June 2017*.
    • Live interviews and auditions will be held at SMPAA. All interviews and auditions/tests are evaluated by the Board of Advisors.
    • Candidates will be examined in the following areas: sight reading, technical capabilities and improvisational skills in their respective instrument/voice.
  • 3rd Round: COMPETITION

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the 3rd Round Auditions within a month after the 2nd Round. During this time, candidates will be given specific pieces to prepare for the competition. In this round, candidate’s families will also be invited to an individual meeting session with the Board of Advisors.

Round 3 will occur in late July and August, 2017*.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The final list of winners will be announced in August*, and the recipients will commence official entry procedures.


SMPAA is officially aligned with the Trinity College London Examination Board (TCL), and The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and The National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) to provide international music/performing arts qualifications and certifications, which will assist students to be recognized throughout the world. The program offers students a wide range of music courses including Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums and other instruments. It also gives students flexibility in choosing musical genres in either Classical & Jazz or Rock & Pop.

Students will receive the fees for a full academic package (enrollment in a day school) to ensure the continuation of their school program at their current age/grade level.

In addition, students will attend English training programs throughout the scholarship duration. This will assist students to enhance their language competency and facilitate them to acquire international music knowledge. At the end of the scholarship program, students will undertake an IELTS Certificate examination.

The Scholarship program also requires students to explore international interaction where students will be sponsored to attend outreach training courses at music institutes locally and internationally or to participate in workshops held at SMPAA.


The structure of the program includes the following compulsory components – Music (Practical and Theoretical), Academic, English Proficiency and the Performing Arts. Following this structure, students will gain the highest level in TCL, ABRSM, ISTD or NATD certificates and IELTS certificates as outcomes from their studies. Students must attain a high level in their academic program.

With the goal of preparing students for success in their professional careers, they will not only be certified to an international standard in their chosen music major but they will also develop holistically through their practical experiences in performance. Throughout the program, SMPAA will prepare these students to be able to enter into top international universities such as Berklee College of Music or The Juilliard School.

Each program will be specifically tailored to the student’s unique talent, but there will be a strong focus for all students to attend local and international music competitions as representatives for Vietnam – this will allow students to gain invaluable experience and build their personal profiles to be able to gain access to the professional and international music world.



The Trinh Cong Son Scholarship is awarded based upon audition/performance results, financial need, and other special circumstances. The most important criterion is the student’s talent/ability. There is a maximum number of ten (10) scholarships per year to be awarded.

We encourage families to provide whatever supplemental information they feel is important to give the Board of Advisors the clearest picture of their financial circumstances, which will enable us to develop an appropriate awards package.

Note (*): The indicated dates above are applied ONLY for this year, 2017.