Trinh Cong Son Scholarship


The Trinh Cong Son Scholarship was set up by SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) in conjunction with the Trinh Cong Son Family. In honor of Trinh Cong Son – the most revered Vietnamese songwriter, poet and painter – the Trinh Cong Son Scholarship will provide opportunities for young and talented Vietnamese individuals from disadvantaged families to develop and pursue their passion in music and the arts. Trinh Cong Son composed more than 600 songs, many of which are truly loved by Vietnamese of all ages throughout the world. His Japanese versions have sold more than 2 million albums and his paintings are highly valued by art critics and are well-sought after by avid collectors – we hope that through this scholarship, his legacy will live on forever.


The Trinh Cong Son Scholarship seeks to develop top music talents in Vietnam to become well-rounded future leaders in their respective fields, so that they can become change-agents for the next generation.


The Trinh Cong Son Scholarship operates nationwide to support talented and outstanding students from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend music educational programs of international standard at SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA ). The Scholarship also provides the full school fee for the academic program for each recipient to achieve his or her fullest potential.


There is more to life and people than just academic skills.

Studies over many decades have proven that active music engagement fosters a strong positive impact on intellectual and personal development. Learning music facilitates the learning of other literary subjects, enhances other social skills, and plays an important role in developing personality and perception.

Apart from the breadth of support available to our scholars, the main focus of this scholarship is placed on cultivating musical talent. We are supporting each student recipient on a journey that fosters individuality, innovation and creativity.